Tips and Tricks For Finding the Best Used Car Online

Tips and Tricks For Finding the Best Used Car Online

ford escape leaseIf you’re on the hunt for a used car online, you may need some extra help. The internet is flooded with car buying options that can seem overwhelming to the new car buyer. Here are some tips to finding the best used car online.

Avoid Craigslist

Craigslist and other online marketplaces are unreliable sources. Even if the owner seems legitimate and has a vehicle history report, the only way you’re going to get a quality car is by buying a certified pre owned vehicle.

Most car dealerships, including your area Ford Dealers, offer certified pre owned vehicles that are ready to take on the road. Craigslist is ripe with lemons and cars that have unreported damage. To save yourself money — and a few thousand dollars — visit a certified used cars dealer.

Determine your wants VS your needs

Sure, everyone wants heated seats, but should you pay an extra $2000 for it? You need a car to get you to and from work with enough room to hold your camping gear. If you work as a mover, you might need a truck even though the sedan is cheaper. By figuring out what you need over what you want, your purchase will turn into an investment.

Research your preferred car

While having an open mind might get you a better deal, going for certain brands, years, and styles will help you determine if a used car is worth the price. Before you agree to a deal, do a little research. Is the dealer selling it at a reasonable price? Does it have any common problems after a certain age? Are there recalls on specific makes and models? While a sedan might run beautifully at 100,000 miles, a truck might be a different story. Do some research and don’t be afraid to say no to a deal.

Go to a dealer

Walking into a dealership is still one of the most common forms of initial contact among half of potential buyers. When you’re tired of looking online and comparing deals, a car dealership may work with you to get you into the car of your dreams. Oftentimes, leasing a car can cost less than buying certified used cars. That Ford Escape lease might be in your budget if you’re willing to discuss payment options.
Your area Ford dealers will show you their stock of new and certified pre owned cars, but they may also have a Ford Escape lease deal that catches your eye. Most of the time, they also offer benefits, such as free oil inspections and basic maintenance depending on the dealership. You may even be able to walk out with that Ford Escape lease if the price is right.

Call your area Ford dealers today when you want to walk out with the car of your dreams.


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