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ford repair

Driving a truck is one of life’s small luxuries, but it isn’t always easy to tell when it’s in need of repair.

That doesn’t necessarily make you a bad car owner, however. There are countless ways to miss small signs that you need a good Ford repair service. Whether you’re driving a certified pre-owned vehicle or love the feeling of new Ford trucks, here are some telltale signs you may need a Ford service center.


Your exhaust is colored

This one can be hard to miss since you don’t normally look at the back of your truck while you’re driving it. But once you notice colored exhaust smoke or a lot of smoke streaming from your tailpipe, you should take your truck to your dealer ASAP.

Keep in mind that blue smoke often signifies an issue with your oil. White smoke can mean that your cooling system is failing. Black smoke means that you’re burning gasoline too quickly. Regardless, each of these issues should be taken care of promptly at your Ford repair center.


There’s a strange smell

If you notice a weird smell every time you drive your car, it’s probably not because of the car in front of you.

Strange smells are often a sign that your car is overheating one of its components. This could range anywhere from the brakes, the transmission, or even the engine belt. If you’re smelling something sweet while you drive, however, it could be a sign you’re leaking coolant.


Your brakes are squealing

Squeaky brakes are a common issue when the weather starts to turn, but this small issue could easily turn into something bigger. If your car constantly squeaks or squeals when you come to a stop, even after it’s warmed up, take it in to get inspected.

You should also watch out for any grinding sounds and always check for a spongy pedal. These are two huge signs you might be headed for brake failure, putting you in danger when you drive.


It isn’t always easy to notice problems with your car, but following these tips can help identify a problem before it gets out of hand. When you’re experiencing an issue with your Ford trucks, don’t hesitate to take it into your local dealer for Ford repair. After all, Ford generated nearly $150 billion in 2015 for a reason. Visit the dealer you can trust: Freeway Ford.