Why Do Some People Love Trucks and Others Hate Them?

Why Do Some People Love Trucks and Others Hate Them?

ford repairIn the last article, we explored the phenomenon of car culture and why not all drivers love cars. Let’s try to do the same with trucks. Specifically Ford trucks. Why? Well, Ford is the most valuable auto brand in America and the fifth most valuable brand worldwide. The Ford F Series is also the best selling truck, and vehicle, in the United States. It is the truck that represents the culture. So, here are five reasons some people view pickups with reverence and others view them with scorn.

  1. Size
    Not all people who drive trucks do so because of their symbolism of American values. Some simply like being the tallest vehicle on the road. If you were to get into an accident with another car, your Ford repair bill would almost certainly be lower than the other car’s. Contrary to this, since trucks are so large, spatial awareness becomes a bit more difficult.
  2. Fuel Consumption
    An argument against trucks is that their huge engines, complicated four-wheel drive systems, and heaviness all adds up to more money spent at the pump. While that is certainly true, there are quite a few diesel options that would put even the most popular hybrids to shame.
  3. Utility
    Truck drivers love a big open bed to chuck tools and haul furniture or equipment. Towing boats and trailers is a sinch with a big four by four as well. Some consumers don’t need this added utility, though, and both sides are completely correct. Your vehicle must suit your needs and no one else’s.
  4. Emissions
    Environmentalists certainly have the truck lovers on this one. Trucks, since they generally consume fuel in higher quantities, produce more greenhouse gasses than smaller cars. Whether this bothers you or not is completely personal.
  5. Ruggedness
    When was the last time you saw a low clearance front-wheel-drive sedan make it’s way down and back up the walls of a river bed? Well, many Ford trucks are certainly designed to do this, and that tickles many truck drivers’ fancy.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a truck or a car person, but it is fun to note the difference in the market for these two vehicles. When it comes down to it, though, they are still both machines. So, if you need your Ford repaired or if you are interested in checking out our certified pre owned vehicles, stop by our lot today.


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