Why Do Some People Love Cars and Others Hate Them?

Why Do Some People Love Cars and Others Hate Them?

ford focusCars are fun for some and a frustration for others. Shopping for new or certified pre owned vehicles is no different. There is an odd discrepancy between these two types of people, yet for everyone, the most common form of initial contact with a car dealership is by walking in for over half of customers. Why? Largely because people who know what they want will just go get it, and those who don’t know need to ask someone in person. That said, what are the causes of this gap in the way people view cars? Here are some possible influencing factors.

  1. Past Events
    Though this might not always be the case, if you have been in an accident in the past, cars, even ones as exciting as the Ford Focus, sort of lose their allure. Being in an accident can shake your confidence, leading you to desire more fortified transportation options.
  2. Socialization
    Were you raised in a house that favored driving? What friends did you have growing up? Did you pass your driving test while you were in high school? All of these questions culminate in an indication of how much you value cars later in life.
  3. Location
    Growing up in New York City offers many benefits, but you sacrifice the desire to drive. Many people in large walking-dominant cities never even get their driver’s license. Why would they? Public transport provides an easier and safer way to get around.
  4. Technical Literacy
    If you like engines, getting your hands dirty, and taking things apart to see how they go back together, you might be more predisposed to driving as a hobby. For technical people, the parts of car ownership most people hate are actually fun. Oil changes and spark plug swaps are a hobby anyway, so they might as well have good cars to practice on.
  5. Skill as a Driver
    Being able to lift off oversteer a Ford Focus through snowy backroad corners is a blast, even if it’s illegal and desperately unsafe. Skillful drivers shouldn’t be ignored as a portion of the marketplace wanting cool cars. Whatever skill you have cultivated over time will lead to buying top quality products. Cars are no different.

There are many reasons, then, that people like cars. They are exciting, engaging, and beautiful. Stay tuned for the second part of this article where we will discuss some reasons people prefer Ford trucks and SUVs over cars, and the culture surrounding the phenomenon.


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