Making a Trek to the Mountains? Here’s How to Drive There Safely

Making a Trek to the Mountains? Here’s How to Drive There Safely

certified pre owned vehiclesBefore you drive your certified pre owned vehicle up the side of the Colorado Mountains, you might want to know how to navigate. If you don’t, you might need to visit a Ford repair center. To stay safe on your trip on I-70, follow these tips for staying safe in the Colorado Mountains.

Watch for trucks

Interstate 70 crosses most of America, extending from Baltimore all the way through the Colorado Rockies. As such, this is a popular interstate highway for tractor trailers, trucks, and RV travelers. The mountain roads can be windy and narrow, making them difficult to navigate even if you’re in a smaller car, like a Ford Focus. Larger trucks will have a harder time building up speed and slowing down on mountainous peaks and valleys: be sure to keep this in mind.

Yield to cars traveling uphill

If a narrow mountain path is a tight squeeze, the car going downhill must yield to the car going uphill. Follow this general rule of thumb to prevent accidents from occurring if you’re traversing the mountains for the first time.

Know local laws

Mountain travel comes with its own set of laws: the Traction Law allows only cars with snow tires, mudding tires, or four-wheel drive/all-wheel drive vehicles to travel on the mountains of I-70. This is to prevent accidents from cars with poor tread on often steep mountain slopes. If you live in the Denver area, consider visiting a car dealer with certified pre owned vehicles: Ford trucks and Ford escapes might be your best option if you need four-wheel drive capabilities.

You also have to know about the Passenger Vehicle Chain law: this requires drivers to chain their tires or utilize another type of traction device in serious weather conditions or accidents.

Bring an emergency kit

Pack the usual first aid kit and snacks, but don’t forget to include emergency repair tools for your car. It’s easy for a car to overheat in the mountains, especially if you’re using air conditioning to cool you during those hot summer months. Whether you prefer leases or certified pre owned vehicles, your car should visit a Denver Ford repair shop following your mountain tour.

Traversing the Colorado Mountains is a difficult endeavor, especially for first-timers. When Ford generates nearly $150 billion annually in sales, they know what they’re doing. Consider speaking to a Ford dealer if you’re planning on a mountain journey today.


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