Maintenance Tips to Help Your Ford Truck Stand the Test of Time

There are numerous reasons to buy a Ford, but one of the most important is that Ford trucks are built to last. That said, your truck will need your help to ensure it’s able to keep on running for years to come. In today’s post, we’ll discuss a few essential maintenance tips that will keep your truck in tip-top shape for the foreseeable future.

Maintain Fluid Levels

A vehicle can’t do its job if its fluids are out of whack. Check your fluid levels when the truck is cooled off, as this will allow for an accurate reading. Your engine oil, coolant, and windshield washer fluid should all be at the correct levels. Because the engines of trucks produce a lot of heat, your coolant may need to be topped off on a fairly regular basis. In the winter, make sure that you keep extra windshield washer fluid in the truck itself so you aren’t stranded without a way to keep the windshield clean. And if your engine oil looks dirty or has a gasoline-like odor, you’ll want to pay attention to our next tip, too.

Change Your Oil

In 2016, there were 1.62 vehicles per household in Denver — and all vehicles need regular oil changes to run smoothly. For truck models from 2008 or later, Ford actually recommends that you perform an oil change every six months or every 7,500 miles (whichever happens sooner). Older models may not require oil changes as frequently, but they should have their oil filters switched out when the oil is changed. If you’re changing the oil yourself, consult your owner’s manual to make certain you purchase the right kind for your truck’s needs.

Rotate and Balance Tires

You can’t expect to get very far on worn-out or misaligned tires. Truck tires tend to wear unevenly, so you’ll want to rotate them whenever you have the oil changed. Be sure to have them balanced as well, since potholes and other bumps in the road can cause unnecessary vibrations and suspension wear. Doing this will extend the life of your tires and make for a smoother, more enjoyable ride. You may even want to ask your Ford repair service about whether you need a wheel alignment during this time. This will keep your truck from pulling to one side and can take care of any issues you experience due to fast or reckless driving.

Prioritize Inspections and Repairs

Although having to bring your truck in for Ford repair services may not be your favorite thing, it’s ultimately one of the best moves you can make to ensure its longevity over time. Your Ford repair service technicians will be able to diagnose potential problems and intervene before these issues spiral out of control. Yearly inspections and maintenance tasks are really one of the most cost-effective ways to prioritize the health of your truck. Bringing in your truck sooner rather than later will prove to be a worthwhile investment.

Whether you’re looking to buy a used truck or need access to a reliable service center, your Denver Ford dealers are here for you. For more information, contact us today.


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