Looking to Buy A new Car? Guess who is the most valuable American Car Brand . . .

Why Newly Purchased Ford Owners Are So happy

Ford Dealers have a little secret about the legendary car brand. When it comes to car brands, Ford trumps all other American car brands when it comes to reliability, incredible design, and impeccable service. In 2015 ford generated almost $150 Billion in revenue. Last year (2018) that number jumped to over $160 Billion dollars, accounting for over 6 million vehicles sold. Now, if you have ever driven in a newly purchased Ford truck, you probably understand why Ford has such die-hard fans – it doesn’t matter if it’s a Ford Focus or a Ford Raptor, it drives incredibly well. Let’s look at a few other statistics you probably didn’t know about Ford service.

Ford is one of the largest American owned companies.

That’s right. Time to get out Old Glory and fly the red, white, and blue. Started in 1903 by Henry Ford (who happened to be a life long friend of Thomas Edison), Ford is currently owned and operated by Henry’s great grandson, William Clay Ford Jr. In addition to being an American owned company, Ford has a strong history of always paying it’s employees a much higher wage than the industry standard. Ford understands that if you treat your employees well, they will treat your customers well.

Other Car Companies Use Ford Trucks To Pull Their Cars!

You know you are doing something right when other companies are using your trucks to pull their vehicles. In 2012, Chevrolet used Ford vehicles to pull and set up their Chevy truck display in the Texas State Fair.

#1 Ranked Selling Car In America: Newly Purchased Ford

Ford is consistently the top ranked selling car in America. Ford continues to gain more and more market share in the United States. This gain in market share speaks to the satisfaction people have with Ford trucks and For service.

Buying a New or Used Ford

Thinking about making the jump into a Ford truck? Look for Denver Ford Dealers near you. Most vehicle shoppers – buying anything from used cars, trucks, and vans, to brand new – like the experience of walking into a dealership and having the opportunity to test drive several cars before making a decision. We can help you get finance options, car lease deals, and help you find the perfect car. Come see us to get your newly purchased Ford today.


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