What to Consider When Buying a Used Ford Car

Ford has been one of the most trusted and valuable vehicle manufacturers in the world ever since Henry Ford started the motor company in 1903. With its first successful vehicle, Model T, Ford set high standards of vehicle manufacturing. To date, Ford has elevated the standards a notch higher and has produced several generations of popular models such as the Ford Mustang and Fiesta. Ford vehicles are unrivaled in performance and durability, and the affordability of Ford models attracts many customers in North America and around the globe. As such, Ford vehicles, used and new, continue to peak sales records. They generated revenues of about $150 billion in the year 2015 up from $144 billion in 2014.

Therefore, it is no surprise that most people looking to buy their first cars prefer purchasing a new or used Ford model. Buying a new Ford vehicle is mostly risk-free if you buy it from a certified Ford dealer. However, when it comes to buying a used Ford, or any other vehicle, you have to conduct proper due diligence to make sure you buy a certified pre-owned vehicle. A used Ford vehicle in good condition will give you fantastic service and performance. Additionally, you will easily find ford repair services near you, in case you want to tweak one or two parts of your newly purchased Ford.

The following tips will help you make an informed choice when buying a used car.

1. Consult Professional Mechanics

Before purchasing any used Ford model, seek the opinion of a trusted mechanic who has experience dealing with the Ford model you want to buy. Mechanics offering ford repair services will quickly access a Ford vehicle and give you a detailed report. Since Ford vehicles are highly reliable and durable, Ford dealers will easily spot one in poor conditions. A comprehensive inspection will cost you roughly $50 to $95, but it will save you from future costs you would incur if the used car has mechanical complications.

2. Take the Used Ford for a Test Drive First

One of the ways to know if a used car is worth its salt is by test driving it. Most Ford dealers will gladly take you out for a test drive. You only need to schedule in advance for operational logistics. A test drive will give you the first taste of how the used car feels. Make sure that the test drive is long enough to provide you with the right amount of time to troubleshoot the vehicle if any complications come up. It is more prudent to bring a Ford-driving friend or ask a professional mechanic experienced in ford repair services to come along. However, the test drive should not replace a professional inspection, since the car would be having other problems that you cannot troubleshoot with a test drive.

3. Find Out the Current Retail Price of the Car Online

You ought to do detailed research of the Ford model you are seeking to buy. The first thing you will want to know is the current value of the Ford model. Luckily, many Ford dealers sell online. Knowing the price range of a used car will help you in negotiating. This way you will not fall prey to a salesperson’s techniques to get a more massive commission from the sale. Additionally, you get to explore other similar options available, in case you are not impressed with your first choice. Doing research will also help you know if there are any common mechanical problems associated with the particular model that you want to buy. Other ford users will readily review a used car on your behalf, besides recommending the best location to find ford repair services.

Consider the above factors before driving off with your certified pre-owned Ford. Ford models are one of the most valuable vehicles in North America. Therefore, if you get the right used Ford car, you will enjoy exceptional service and durability that comes with these vehicles.


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