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Statistics indicate that a majority of vehicle buyers spend around 59% of their time searching online. Most legitimate car dealerships will have a website where they showcase their cars and services. They also create an excellent platform for car owners to sell used cars.

Speaking of used cars, if you often shrug off the idea of settling for a second hand or refurbished car, you should give it a second thought.

Although a used car will not give the same feeling of ‘newness’ a brand new car provides, it comes with numerous benefits worth your attention.

1) You Get to Avoid the Biggest Depreciation

A vehicle will typically experience the most significant depreciation in the first two to three years of its use. It means that if you buy a used car, you will avoid the loss of money that results from this depreciation.

If you decide to resell it in the next few years, you could get close to the same amount you bought it.

2) Less Cost

A newly purchased Ford will cost less than a used model. Depending on how well you shop, you could get one at half the price of a new car and your finance options will be more. A lower price means you will be clear of the car debt in lesser time. And the financing cost will be less.

Used cars also attract less insurance premiums. It translates to more savings, which you can put to other use.

3) It will be Well-inspected

A type of used car is the certified pre owned vehicle. It is your best bet when buying late-models. A certified pre owned car will be thoroughly inspected, refurbished, and certified by a certifying authority.

It means that the car will be in top working condition. Moreover, you will receive an extended warranty and additional benefits such as special financing.

4) Fewer Fees

Besides costing less, used cars come with less additional fees such as shipping fees and destination fees. You will only need to part with the usual costs necessary to operate a vehicle such as a title and registration fees.

It makes purchasing these types of vehicles affordable for first-time owners and people whose only interest is finding a means of mobility.

5) It Will Last Long

If driving an old rusty used van is your biggest concern, then you have no reason to worry. Technology advancement has facilitated the creation of long-lasting cars. Modern cars will take more than ten years of driving and remain in good condition.

So, assuming that you buy a three-year-old vehicle, you will still have around seven years to benefit from your investment. However, it will depend on how well you maintain it.

6) It is Easy to Access the Vehicle’s Report

The biggest risk with buying used vehicles is purchasing one that has been to the garage too many times. And for the wrong reasons. Fortunately, you can request the car’s history report from the car dealership. And if they do not have one, they will refer you to a reliable source.

The report will bring to light any issue of concern. It will indicate the number of previous owners, accident and repair history, mileage validation, among others. It is vital to request for a used car’s report before making a purchase.

7) You Can Drive a Better Model

Being open to purchasing a used vehicle opens a wide range of possibilities. You can get to ride the car of your dreams, which will cost less if it’s used. You can also use the money saved to add classy details to the used vehicle, making it look new and eye-appealing.

In the end, you can end up with a better vehicle than what your budget would allow if you focused on new cars.

In Conclusion

Nearly everyone loves the smell and look of a new car. But you should remain open to the benefits of used cars.

You get to save a lot in the overall cost of the car, including depreciation, fees charged, and financing cost. With certified used cars Denver, you are assured of getting a car with a longer life, but be sure to request for the vehicles history report.

Visit Freeway Ford Denver, and you are sure to get a deal that will provide you with value for your money.

Many people are buying cars nowadays, but those who are not buying are opting to lease them for a particular period. Car lease deals are on the rise because many cities are offering good deals. Leasing allows you to get new and used car deals at cheaper prices.

However, car leasing can be expensive if you don’t have enough knowledge. Here are things that you should consider to make sure that you are leasing your car in the right way.

Take Time to Read the Contract

Lessors and companies that sell you cars will include any information about their agreement on a contract. Go through the papers to understand what you are signing. Car lease deals have different terms depending on the type of car and company.

Buying a new car has different stipulations from getting a used car. Therefore, take time to understand what you are getting yourself into, and this will help you throughout the process.

Not Paying a Big Check Upfront

Car lease deals require paying a certain amount upfront before starting the monthly payments. Paying a large amount allows you to pay less monthly rates. However, this is a challenge if you had not taken the time to understand the contract.

Take time to have an understanding with the company. Fortunately, nowadays, fewer problems are encountered between lessors and lessees. You should consider paying wisely by not paying a huge amount in the beginning.

Check your finance options with care to ensure that you can afford the monthly payments. However, if you have enough savings, do not hesitate to pay a large down payment, as this means that you will owe the company less money.

Car mileage also affects the payment that you pay, and thus you need to check how long you usually drive. This is because higher mileage causes depreciation and wear-and-tear on an automobile. Therefore, reduce your mileage to pay lower amounts.

Type of Car

Another significant aspect that you should consider is the type of car that you are buying or leasing. This will determine the price and terms that will apply. Ford is currently ranked as the most valuable American car brand and fifth-most valuable car brand across the world. Therefore, ford is a car type that many people buy or lease.

Ford dealers have exciting deals that have impressed many Americans. Ford escape lease is high because this model is of high-quality. Ford repair services are easily accessible in any ford service center; therefore, do not be afraid to buy this car. Ford trucks are also available for sale or lease, and thus if you have a family, you should consider getting the truck.

Other than the ford car type, you can buy or lease any other type of car that you love. However, do not forget the tips of checking your financial situation before picking the car that you want to get. Decide on the car type that you want before visiting the car deal store.

Used or New Car

You need to consider if you want a new car or a used one. You can buy a used car or lease it and pay monthly for a specified period. A used car is cheaper, but you need to ensure that the car is a certified pre-owned vehicle.

Certified pre-owned vehicles have undergone a complete inspection, and all the worn-out parts have been repaired. Buying or leasing a used car is not a bad decision as long as you take time to ensure that you are getting a car that is in good shape. Also, check a new car whenever you are buying to make sure that it is of high-quality.

Leasing a car is vital for everyone who would like to own a car. If you cannot buy a car at once, it is vital to understand leasing. This guide gives you things to consider when you want to close a good leasing deal.

Every person who wants to buy a car has a choice to make between a used car and a new car. In most cases, buyers rule out a used car because they fear they might be getting a car that has serious mechanical damage and end up losing their money. A new car is not the solution either because car owners fear the first-year depreciation.

So, what are you supposed to do so that you can get the much-needed satisfaction of owning a car? The solution lies in buying certified pre owned vehicles that are sold by reputable car dealers. You can easily get a pre owned Ford from area Ford dealers. So, why is it good to buy certified pre owned vehicles?

1. Professional Inspection

One of the key reasons you should focus on owning certified pre owned vehicles is that they have professionally done inspections before they are brought to the yard. All the mechanical doubts are cleared before the car can be available for sale. It is worth noting that these inspections are done by technicians from the original vehicle manufacturer.

Most vehicle shoppers recognize walk in as the most effective initial contact with the car dealers. During this contact, you will be able to see the car being inspected, which will clear the doubts about certified pre owned vehicles.

2. Extended Warranty Program

In the past, few people were concerned about the length of warranty programs, especially when buying used vehicles. However, the trend has changed completely such that today most car buyers will not buy certified pre owned vehicles without an extended warranty period.

In response to this demand, most certified pre owned cars dealers have offers with an extended warranty period. You, therefore, don’t have to be worried about repair services because Ford dealers will cover them. Today, there are used cars’ warranty programs longer than that of new cars.

3. Free Repairs and Maintenance

Buying a car comes with the problems of having to handle all the repair and maintenance expenses. Some of the maintenance and repairs might seem small, but they take considerable amounts of money to complete.

Luckily, for all the certified pre owned cars, the dealers cover most of the repairs and maintenance expenses up to a certain time. Simple repairs such as changing oils and wheel rotations will be covered by the dealer, which will save you some money.

4. Leasing Programs Available

Car lease deals are available in certified pre owned car dealers. Sometimes people aspire to drive a special utility car that they cannot afford to own. Fortunately, you don’t have to own a car for you to drive it today. Lease options allow you to own a car for a specified duration by paying monthly lease amounts.

Car lease Denver deals are organized in such a way that you can own the car after the lease period depending on the monthly lease amounts. However, you can choose to return the car to the dealers after enjoying your lease period.

5. Low Vehicle Financing Programs

Due to the benefits that come with a certified pre owned cars, the prices are high as compared to non-certified used vehicles. However, certified pre owned trucks have simple financing options that allow people with less money to own one flexibly.

You can easily get used SUVs at low monthly payments and low-interest rates. The fact that you will be paying low monthly interests will significantly lower your monthly payments, and you might even end up getting a used truck without struggling.

Are you looking for certified pre owned Ford trucks? Freeway Ford Inc. is your ultimate destination for certified used cars such as SUVs, Trucks, and other types of Ford vehicles. We also provide Ford repair services and vehicle parts in the Denver area. Contact us for more information.

In 2016, there was an estimated number of 1.62 cars per household.

And with good reason. Getting around via car is faster, convenient, and makes life so much easier. It doesn’t matter if you’re a teen, student, or parent. We all rely on cars for transportation. Most people find it easier and more affordable to purchase a used car for their household over a brand new model. However, if you maintain your used car properly, there’s no reason you can’t keep it gleaming, shining, and looking like you just drove it off the lot.

Continue reading to learn how to make your used car look brand new.

Keep up with the interior

Depending on what kind of interior your vehicle has, you’ll have to take special and specific precautions. For example, if the car has a leather interior, make sure to clean the seats using a special and hydrating formula to wipe and clean the seats. If the car has a fabric interior, put up some protective covers to save the seats from potential stains or loose pet hair.

Keep up with the interior and don’t just clean it when it appears dirty. Routine maintenance is the best way to keep the inside of the car looking brand new. Keep wipes in your car, and clean the seats regularly. Every other week would be best unless you have young children. If that’s the case, opt for a weekly cleaning.

Keep your used car smelling new

New cars always have that desirable new car smell. But as your car gets older, it may dissipate.

Yes, odors from food or pets riding in the front seat can linger. But keeping your car smelling new is simple. Install an air freshener and never leave food inside the car for longer than 30 minutes. You can also spray the seats with some fabric spray to keep your car smelling great and leave your passengers, wondering how your car always manages to smell brand new.

Keep the tires looking nice

Upkeep the tires and make sure they are always looking shiny. Replace them every five years. And when you get your car washed or detailed, pay extra attention to them.

Keep it organized

The fast food wrappers, receipts, and piles of miscellaneous junk have to go.

You want the inside of the car to match the outside if you want to give it that fresh, clean, and new appearance.


Used cars may not have all the fancy new tech a new car has, depending on its make and model. If you want your car to feel like new, install a backup camera, or set up Bluetooth connectivity for your device.

Regular Washes

This one may be the most obvious, but implement regular washes if you want your used car looking its best. If you find that you don’t have the time to wash it yourself, take it through a drive through car wash.

Take it in before or after work. Or even on a free weekend. Car washes are quick, so you don’t have to worry about taking too much time out of your day.

A final word on used cars

Used cars have many benefits. They are more affordable, have already experienced the bulk of their depreciation rate, and will save you more money in the long run if you explore your finance options. Best of all, used cars can look just as nice as newer ones with the right care. Make sure to keep up with the interior, wash the exterior regularly, keep the tires in great condition. Follow these tips consistently, and you’ll be sure to turn heads—even if you’re driving a used van, used truck, or car.