Is Kitty Litter Safer for the Environment Than Road Salt?

Let’s jump right to the answer here: Kitty litter has not proven to be environmentally safer than salt as a roadside assistance agent. It has qualities that make it a hazard just like any other chemical agent. However, it is emerging as a sensible alternative to salt because of its availability during the winter. Kitty litter is also cheaper than salt.

Salt melts the ice around it and has a grainy texture that allows the vehicle tire to gain traction. However, salt is known to be highly corrosive when left in the vehicles for long periods of time. It can do damage to the car's interior and cost money. Kitty litter is an absorbent. It sucks in the moisture around it allowing the vehicle to gain traction much like sawdust. It will become worn, rubbery and slippery when left out on driveways over long periods of time. Technicians at Barbee’s Freeway Ford Inc. can assist anyone in Denver, CO that is looking to build an efficient roadside kit.


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