The Steering and Braking Performance of the Ford Fiesta ST

If you are looking for a fuel efficient vehicle that has a sporty look and good performance, you need to check out the Ford Fiesta ST. This compact vehicle offers plenty of room for four adults, and there is room in the back for your vacation gear.

The Ford Fiesta ST is equipped with electric power-assisted steering. This system will provide more assistance at slower speeds to help with cornering. At higher speeds, less assistance is provided giving you more control of the vehicle. The Ford Fiesta ST also has anti-lock brakes and four-wheel disc brakes. The combination of these two braking features provides you with better stopping power over a shorter distance.

The Ford Fiesta ST is a vehicle that has a lot to offer. When you are ready to test drive the Ford Fiesta ST, come to Barbee’s Freeway Ford Inc. in Denver, CO. Come see the many features of this sporty car.



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