Powertrain vs. Bumper-to-Bumper Warranty: What to Expect

Dealerships will tell you that "this car's loaded," but what does that actually mean? The warranty is one of the most important conversations you can have at the dealership before signing any papers. This is because the warranty covers any damages to the car that are manufacturer's defects, or if you are buying pre-owned, it could protect you from out-of-pocket expenses if there are underlying issues with the car from a previous accident.

Powertrain warranties are the most important. These cover the engine and transmission, which are typically the most expensive to repair with any vehicle. These warranties typically provide you with 6 years of cover or 60,000 miles.

The bumper-to-bumper warranty coverage is for much less mileage, typically only up to 32,000 miles. You can ask what this warranty covers and read the fine print, as bumper-to-bumper is typical industry language. These warranties are meant to cover everything between the bumpers, so to speak, which means your audio speakers, electrical system, and air conditioning for starters.

If you need help picking your warranties and talking through what's covered, just head to Barbee’s Freeway Ford Inc. located in Denver, CO.


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