14 Items to Bring for Your Dog on a Car Ride

When you have pets you will eventually face that day when they have to come in the car with you. When that day comes these tips will help your travels. They apply to all types of pets.


- Food
- Water
- Dish
- Treats

Potty time

- Baggies
- Scooper
- Gloves
- Paper towels


- Toys
- Tape to clean up the fur dropped
- A crate to keep them safe as they play


- Blankets
- Toys for cuddles
- The crate for safety

All of these things are needed for any trip in the car with furry pets. Other furless pets need things like a cool dark place to hide in their travel case for the journey. They should never be exposed to the heat or the sun. Even a reptile should not be left in a hot car.


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