Benefits Of Buying an SUV

Getting Ready for Car Shopping

It’s that time again – time to look at buying another car. If you are like most auto buyers, the start of the shopping process has you split and undecided between different cars. From used SUVs to used trucks and used vans, there are tons of options. Maybe you want a Ford Focus, but it doesn’t come in your favorite color. What about Ford trucks? Those are supposed to be pretty good aren’t they?

The car shopping process can take a lot of time. It’s an important decision after all. Perhaps next to a house, the car is your next biggest purchase. Recently SUVs, and especially used SUVs, have been on the rise. SUV stands for Sports Utility Vehicle. There are a plethora of reasons why SUVs are becoming so popular, and hopefully, we can help you narrow down the scope of your car search by the end of this article. New or used, SUVs are hot right now.

Benefits of Owning an SUV

Comfortable Space for Multiple People: Whether you have a large family, are the leader of a scout troop, or find yourself frequently road tripping with friends, SUVs are great for getting multiple people (and some gear) from one place to another. Rather than taking multiple trips or multiple vehicles, which just complicates logistics, having a used SUV is a clear winner for shuffling multiple people from Point A to Point B.

Great Gas Mileage: Of all the myths you hear about Sports Utility Vehicles, this is probably the biggest: they don’t get good gas mileage. While that may have been true 10 or 20 years ago (when SUVs were huge gas hogs), today there are a plethora of SUVs that get over 30 miles to the gallon on the highway, and 23-27 miles to the gallon around the city. Best of all, even with this good gas mileage SUVs still maintain all of their benefits and capacity.

Top Rated Safety: SUVs are without a doubt one of the safest types of vehicle on the road – even used SUVs. The most obvious reason is the size. It’s really just a physics equation. If a 2,000 lb car collides with your 6,000 lb SUV, the SUV will be the much safer place to be. There is zero room for doubt here. Additionally, having a higher vantage point allows the driver to see the road more clearly, allowing for safer driving overall.

Towing Capabilities: Whether it’s a horse trailer, boat, motorcycles, or an RV, SUVs are great towing vehicles. Most SUVs come with towing capability built in, and can even have built in trailer sway control (again, making an SUV one of the safest choices of car to purchase). Even if you aren’t planning on towing for hobbies right now, you might just need to help someone move furniture on a trailer. SUVs are great for offering this kind of help.

Spacious Enough for Pets: If you don’t have kids or people to transport around but you have pets, an SUV can be a great choice (especially used SUVs so it isn’t a bother to get pet hair inside). The extra space an SUV offers gives ample room for dog kennels and cat kennels. There will even be room for food, toys, and other gear if you are going on a road trip and bringing the dogs with you.

Better in Hazardous Road Conditions: Whether it’s flooding, slick roads from rain, or any icy snowstorm, SUVs are rated as top quality vehicles to handle the road conditions excellently. Think of a flood, for example, most cars can not handle more than 20 inches of water. However an SUV can be outfitted to drive through up to 36 inches (yes, three feet!) of water! With how much adverse whether there is, having an SUV helps give reliable transportation in a variety of road conditions.

So no matter your reason for looking for a new car, start with SUVs. In addition to being one of the safest vehicles on the road, an SUV can help you get out and explore the world with great off-road capabilities, freedom to bring extra passengers or pets, and room for gear and luggage.


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