6 Benefits of Buying a Certified Pre Owned Vehicle

6 Benefits of Buying a Certified Pre Owned Vehicle

Shopping for a car is a complex process, especially to the first time buyers. Most of them are undecided on what type of car to buy. Studies show that 6 out of 10 consider several options such as buying a used car, new and buying certified pre owned vehicles. Every person is aware of new and used vans but very few people have sufficient information about certified pre owned vehicles.

What A Is a Certified Pre Owned Vehicle?

A certified pre owned vehicle is a used car that is preconditioned to the specifications of the manufacturer. It does not fall under the new or used category because it is not new and it has been repaired to exceed the conditions of used cars. If you are considering buying a car at a budget, you need to consider certified pre owned vehicles as they offer the following benefits.

1. Extended Warranty Protection

Getting a warranty for a new car is a simple process because vehicle manufacturers are aware of the vehicles’ conditions. However, used vans struggle to get warranties because they can stifle the financial conditions of manufacturers. On the other hand, certified pre owned vehicles have a special warranty program that is extended. You may not get a warranty program that is equivalent to that of a new car, but you will get an extended warranty program that will serve your car for a good number of years.

2. Low-Interest Financing

Certified pre owned vehicles are usually more expensive than similar models that have not been certified. However, certified used cars qualify for lower finance rates equal to the loans offered on new vehicles. If you are financing a certified vehicle, the lower interest rate will effectively lower the monthly payment. This will enable you to get a vehicle that you have desired to get at an affordable budget.

3. Free Maintenance

As part of certain CPO programs, your car will be getting free maintenance for a specific period. Sometimes your car will get free maintenance after covering several miles as part of the certification process. The dealer might also be very specific in areas of maintenance such as tire rotations and oil changes at recommended intervals. Accessing free maintenance is something that all vehicle owners will desire but only happens to owners of certified pre owned vehicles.

4. Best Quality Possible

Thousands of vehicle buyers wonder what the difference between CPO vehicles and used cars is. For a car to qualify as certified, it must meet specific dealer inspections and qualifications. When you are buying from certified Denver ford dealers, you can be sure that you are buying a vehicle of higher quality as compared to other used cars. Therefore, it is important to pay additional dollars and get a CPO vehicle rather than a used SUV.

5. Satisfaction Guarantee

People confuse satisfaction guarantee to money-back guarantee when buying vehicles. CPO programs offer satisfaction guarantee when you’re given the option of returning the same vehicle and you are given another one so that you can be satisfied. However, satisfaction guarantee only works for a limited time or a specific mileage. It is a good option because you will be able to get the vehicle that you want.

6. CPO Leasing Programs

CPO vehicles are high-quality cars that have been certified after dealer inspection. They have the properties of a new car, which everyone wants. Car lease deals between vehicle buyers and vehicle dealers are very common, which gives people a chance to drive a car they would not have been able to purchase. For example, Denver Ford dealers have CPO leasing programs through which you can get a special utility vehicle with affordable lease amounts.

If you’re contemplating buying a car, you will come across various options on the market. Buying a new car might not be an option due to the high cost involved. However, you can easily afford a certified pre owned vehicle that is professionally inspected and outperforms used vehicles by far.


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