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5 Futuristic Facts About the Modern Automobile

certified pre owned vehicleIn 2016, global car sales reached a 10-year high. Roughly 88 million vehicles were sold, 4.8% more than the year before. This wasn’t necessarily unexpected. The population continues to grow worldwide. More people equals more cars. Still, there’s a lot that’s changed in the automotive world. Here are a few standouts.

  1. Certified Pre Owned Vehicles
    Once certified pre owned vehicles became normal practice for new and used car dealerships, a great gap was bridged. Customers need a car or truck option that doesn’t cost a fortune and depreciate in value like a licked sandwich. They also need reliable transportation. Certified pre owned cars fill this niche nicely.
  2. Hybrids
    Neither certified used cars nor hybrids are new. In fact, they’re both old news. That said, hybrids being old news means that there is fresh technology afoot.
  3. Fully Electric Cars
    There are many different fully electric cars on the market today. Many critics would say that these electric vehicles aren’t quite ready for real-world use, however. The main points are that there aren’t many charging stations on the road and that batteries take too long to charge. The former will likely change with time. The latter is a valid point if you like taking road trips. Still, the electric car is undeniably here to stay.
  4. Crossovers
    These aren’t groundbreaking, made of batteries, or particularly interesting in any way. For some reason, however, people love crossovers and are buying them in mass quantity.
  5. Autonomous Vehicles
    This is the big fish. Imagine a world where you could just sit down and be whisked away to work without even pressing a pedal… Some people are worried about autonomous vehicles and the ethics of car crashes. Others are just plain giddy for the future.

The automobile started out humble, bad at pretty much every function it served, and terrifying. Today… Well, just take a look at how far automotive engineering has come. The certified used cars of today are light years beyond what most people ever hoped to dream of. Car shopping is fun, isn’t it? If you’re on the hunt, come to our showroom and check out the best certified used cars Denver has to offer.

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