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Have you been shopping for a new car your from local ford dealers? Why not check out the all-new 2020 Ford Escape. The most recent model has a new look, enhancements in performance, and many features to rival any SUV in the market.
Here are some of the reasons why you may love the new 2020 Ford Escape.

Design and Aesthetics

The new 2020 model has a sleek, urban, and sporty look. The designers got their inspiration from other high-end sports cars. The manufacturer aimed to build an eye-catching exterior. The front grille borrows from the GT and mustang models.
The car departs from the previous Ford Escape designs. The new model is meant to appeal to a younger market of customers. It embraces softer features that dominate the car’s sporty exterior. While it retains the hexagonal-shaped grille it now has lights on the hood rather than on the front end.
The exterior is more aerodynamic than the previous models even though the Ford Escape is slightly bigger. The sporty design gives it a more streamlined body, which also works to boost its performance on the road.

Trim Levels

Your local Ford dealers will soon have five trim levels of the new Escape. The Crossover SUV has a lineup that includes the baseline S and SE. The S, SE, and SEL are powered exclusively by gas. The SE Sport trim is only available in hybrid.
The Titanium is one of the most unique trims you’ll soon find at Ford Dealers. With the Titanium, you have the hybrid and the gas-powered option. It has 6 passenger seats, ambient lighting, and active park assist which are all-new interior features for the titanium version.

Power and Engine

The 1.5-liter engine is standard and promises to deliver performance and economy. It has a rare-drive system that can disconnect the all-wheel-drive when not required which to minimizes fuel consumption. It has a 3,500 lbs towing capacity and an eight-speed engine. Also, all of the 2020 trims come with a new transmission.
The hybrid versions you’ll find in the Titanium and SE sport trims have a 2.5-liter engine. The power train features an 88kw electric motor which is driven by the Controlled Continuously Variable transmission. You can charge the hybrid with a 240-volt charger. It takes about three and a half hours to fully charge. Or you could use the 110-volt plug, but it will take you about 10 hours.

Interior and Legroom

The lithium-ion battery has been conveniently stored under the car to create room. It also takes up less space in the cabin. It has more legroom than the Ford Focus and more space than most non-hybrid SUVs. Cargo capacity for the interior is 64 cubic feet when the back seats are folded down.
The cargo area can fit a full-size dog crate. The sliding second-row seats allow for increased knee clearance and maximum legroom in the back seat. It is a great family car from Ford Dealers with many interior features to explore.

Technology and Driver Assist Features

With Sync 3 Technology, you can access music from playlists and receive calls and text messages using the hands-free option. From the floating touch-screen, you can turn off lights at home with an Alexa Account. The system also has the standard Apple Car Play, Android Auto, and Bluetooth integration.
It also has Driver Assist features that come with Ford’s Co-Pilot 360 system. The Pre-collision Assist combines radar and camera input to detect and help prevent a collision. The same technology also powers Stop and Go and Adaptive Cruise Control. The Co-Pilot 360 program will even brake the car to a halt in emergencies.

In Conclusion

The new model marks a new chapter for the manufacturer. Ford is looking to crossovers and SUVs and is leaving cars behind. It has a great design with many bells and whistles to rival any other SUV in the market today. Discover the beauty of the 2020 Escape from our area Ford Dealers. You can also find our used car, certified pre-owned, or car lease deals in Denver online.